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You Can Quit Anything! 


What would your life be like if you could quit any undesirable habit, addiction or behavior?

There was a time when I COULD NOT QUIT the things I wanted to.

Then, I learned how to become a QUITTER!

This was life-changing!  Being able to Quit the things I wanted helped me to make those WINNING CHANGES  where life became great!


Learning the "Art of Quitting" is key to achieving an Ideal Life!

You too, CAN BECOME A QUITTER and Create Your Own Winning Changes!

Sincerely, Rose Black, Owner of Winning Changes, Expert TAPPING Coach of EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques & NLP

The Problem:

You know those times when you find yourself craving something?  Maybe it is a snack, a drink, a smoke, or a trip to the casino?
Take food for instance.  Most of us have had those times where we have eaten too much.
You wonder why you chose to hurt or harm yourself in this way; yet the pull of the food is over-powering and you can't seem to resist.  You may have just finished dinner.  You are not hungry. yet there you are gazing into the fridge or a cabinet, looking for that certain nirvana thing that will 'do it for you'.  
Impulse wins!  You are soon diving into a box or bag of snacks.  
You feel awful!  You hate it that you have just destroyed a week of working out.  Now you have TWO PROBLEMS!
You are stuffed, miserable and feeling zapped of all motivation. 
"This is crazy!"  you think to yourself.  Why do I continue this behavior!?
It doesn't matter the behavior or habit, it is all the same in how you feel afterwards.  
Whether your urge is for  a snack, a drink, a smoke, or a trip to the casino; acting on it brings misery.  
You want to stop, but how, you may ask?

The Solution:

You cannot change a habit in the same conscious that it was created. 
This is because there are 2 different communications in the body to the mind.
The mind communicates with logic, the body communicates through feelings.
The mind says, hey stop eating that thing!  The body is in reaction, panic mode and says, NO!  I got to have it and now!  
It is possible to get the body on board with the mind by speaking to it through the emotions.
When a negative emotion arises, a feeling sets up a trigger response.  If you have conditioned yourself for a snack every time you have a feeling, compulsion to react by getting that snack is over-powering.  It is as if you are suddenly back to that 4 year old have a temper tantrum until it gets it way!
Just like every worn-out parent who has given up the fight, you go ahead and reach for that cigarette, snack, drink, or the trip to the casino.  
The aftermath is like having just been punched in the gut by a violent abuser.  
Yet, we return to this abuser time and time again.  
The question now becomes, how can we change this reaction?
First off, you may want to simply TALK TO ROSE!  
We can get to the reasons why you are choosing to harm yourself with those undesired behaviors and then she will show you how to get relief.  She may offer a program, a course or private sessions, or resources to help you WIN AT QUITTING.
With Winning Changes Coaching, Techniques and Methods like Tapping and NLP, we can begin to talk to the body in the language of emotions and feelings.
Rose is CERTIFIED in EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques  and can expertly guide you to making ideal change quickly.

Here are some of the miraculous changes from clients:

  • Peanut Butter Cups Craving Gone! Alison kept a stash of peanut butter cups in her desk drawer and the desire for them was compelling throughout the day.  After TAPPING on the desire, she was amazed that her craving had disappeared entirely and that weeks and months later, the same stash was left untouched! 
  • No More Fear of  Heights -  Chris was hating that he had such a fear of heights.  As a single father of 2 boys, he wanted to enjoy activities with them, but even watching a movie could trigger him into panic and anxiety.  After just one 30 minute session, his fear of heights was gone forever!  He can now enjoy life with his two his sons. 
  • She lost 40 lbs - Carol read my book, "The $2500 Secret to Your Ideal Weight" and  was able to stick to her low-carb food plan and amazingly the weight fell off!
  • It Was a Great Decision - From Michelle - I worked with Rose for 10 weeks about a year ago. It was a great decision. She helped me worked through a lot of emotional issues from the past that were affecting my physical and emotional health. My mood has lifted and my health has improved because I had the mental strength to focus on it!

  • Tina lost 25 lbs In One Session  - Tina had no more desire for desserts or sweets after ONE 30 Minute Tapping Session.  As a result, she lost 25 lbs and has kept it off.
You can use TAPPING for just about everything.  It is convenient, easy and quick.
I cannot imagine life without it! From relief to chronic back pain to stopping a food craving. It is the handiest tool ever!!!!  Rose Black, EFT-Tapping Expert
If you would like to talk and schedule a free consult with me, I would love to meet you.

How to Work with Me:
Get a Breakthrough Consultation
Apply for free consultation at 
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If you would like to schedule a private breakthrough session, strategy session, I would love to meet you!

These breakthrough session can be quite revealing and you can receive recourses and guidance on what you will need to achieve your ideal life.
Learn about Winning Changes, Programs, Courses, and More.  Talk to Me about the Winning Changes you want to make.  

Another way to work with me  is to Schedule a 30 minute private Tapping Session and get to the root of the issue, problem or behavior you want to quit.


Schedule a Tapping Session.  I am now offering a quick way to work with me and get instantaneous results.  I call these sessions TAPPING SNACKS.  Instead of reaching for a cookie, reach for a TAPPING SNACK!  Just 30 minutes over the phone or on a Zoom Virtual Call is all it takes to quickly make a change.

Tapping Snacks can be a quick and convenient way to make changes.  Regular Tapping Sessions are $450 and are 45 minutes long.  
Just for you, I created a Tapping Session that is just 30 minutes!  Condensed and effective.
Tapping Snacks Sessions have been streamlined in order to give all an easy, more inexpensive way to get instant results.  For a limited time, in order to test the TAPPING SNACKS SESSIONS for just $150.
Hello, my name is Rose Black,
There was a time when I could not stop smoking, binge eating, and other undesirable habits. Then I found out there were people out there who could help people like me. I am here to help!
I own and operate Winning Changes, which is the ideal blend of coaching combined with tools like: EFT-Tapping, and NLP to get to the root of the causes behind negative emotions and release them for good.
Choose from a number of ways to get your Ideal Life, today. One-on-one Coaching/ Tapping Sessions/Blogs & Articles, and more!
If you are ready for changing some of those unwanted behaviors, compulsions and habits, then I have just the tools and methods that really work!



Rose Black, Personal Success Coach

Certified EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

Owner of Winning Changes


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