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How Many Times Have You Said, "I wish I could quit ____?"

Eating Sugar?


Biting your nails?

The list goes on.


The truth is that most of us desire to quit these bad habits and addictions, but when the going gets tough, we fall right back into the old routine.

I have cracked the code on quitting to the point that quitting is now the easiest thing for me to do.

Some things I have quit:

Smoking, binge-eating, sugar, internet scrolling, Candy Crush - playing that game on my computer, and so much more.

Becoming aware of personality traits that could be tweaked, such as gossiping, judging, blaming, and many more.  I like the saying, "If you spot it, you got it."  Typically, what we notice in another is true with ourselves. 

Get my book, "You CAN QUIT ANYTHING!"  - A simple 'how to' to change your life today and begin living your greatest at any age."

How to Work with Me:
Get a Breakthrough Consultation
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If you would like to schedule a private breakthrough session, strategy session, I would love to meet you!

These breakthrough session can be quite revealing and you can receive recourses and guidance on what you will need to achieve your ideal life.
Learn about Winning Changes, Programs, Courses, and More.  Talk to Me about the Winning Changes you want to make.  

Another way to work with me  is to Schedule a 30 minute private Tapping Session and get to the root of the issue, problem or behavior you want to quit.


Schedule a Tapping Session.  I am now offering a quick way to work with me and get instantaneous results.  I call these sessions TAPPING SNACKS.  Instead of reaching for a cookie, reach for a TAPPING SNACK!  Just 30 minutes over the phone or on a Zoom Virtual Call is all it takes to quickly make a change.

Tapping Snacks can be a quick and convenient way to make changes.  Regular Tapping Sessions are $450 and are 45 minutes long.  
Just for you, I created a Tapping Session that is just 30 minutes!  Condensed and effective.
Tapping Snacks Sessions have been streamlined in order to give all an easy, more inexpensive way to get instant results.  For a limited time, in order to test the TAPPING SNACKS SESSIONS for just $150.
Hello, my name is Rose Black,
There was a time when I could not stop smoking, binge eating, and other undesirable habits. Then I found out there were people out there who could help people like me. I am here to help!
I own and operate Winning Changes, which is the ideal blend of coaching combined with tools like: EFT-Tapping, and NLP to get to the root of the causes behind negative emotions and release them for good.
Choose from a number of ways to get your Ideal Life, today. One-on-one Coaching/ Tapping Sessions/Blogs & Articles, and more!
If you are ready for changing some of those unwanted behaviors, compulsions and habits, then I have just the tools and methods that really work!



Rose Black, Personal Success Coach

Certified EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

Owner of Winning Changes


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